“It is a testament to the excellent work of the team as well as the focus they showed in turning statistical analysis into two strong submissions with just one day turnaround to meet the deadline. There are many things we can’t control in our business environment. But it’s clear that we are taking control of those we can and driving for success.”
“I’m proud to be in this DMC Committee and I really thank you for fantastic cooperation. I’m impressed by your expertise & logistic handling of the study.”
“I’m on a CEC for a another big organization and they aren’t anywhere near ACI; they’re a mess.”
“Thank You for your efforts, availability and prompt attention with the inspection requests related to CEC topics and particularly today with the adjudicated event clarification request! I agree that you have a great team. They are on things 24/7.”
“I know, that these are really exhausting weeks for you and would like to thank your whole team for your extraordinary job, your comprehension for spontaneous changes of the requirements and all your efforts to stick to our important timelines!”
“Thank you again for such quick resolution for this case. The ACI team organized and handled this so quickly and efficiently, and you certainly made DBL possible with minimal delay.”
“ACI has been superb. I think the process, the workflow, and the responsiveness is excellent. The ACI AIMS platform is one of the best I’ve used.”
“Clearly you as a team have given a lot to our drug approval and have worked as hard as anyone in support of the program. We learnt a lot and filled in more gaps.”