What is AIMS®?
Our proprietary AIMS® (Adjudication Information Management System) platform has been custom built to enable the streamlined, efficient, timely operation of adjudication processes. This platform allows seamless review of data online, efficient global communications, and a complete audit trail for all adjudication activities. Key platform features include:

• Entirely web-based approach to adjudication management
• Easy system training with documented certification
• Customized role and task-based access for Sponsors, Sites, EAC Members, Vendors, CRAs, etc.
• Intuitive workflows and helpful prompts, reminders, and alerts to complete tasks correctly and efficiently
• Secure source document upload
• Integrated translation workflows within the platform
• Consistent, pre-packaged case packets
• Built-in DICOM imaging viewer/reader
• Built-in redaction tools
• Simple one-page voting form with built-in skip logic
• Automated distribution of cases to committee members for independent voting
• Electronic data capture of voting forms with edit checks
• Real-time reporting capabilities
• 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory compliant validation

Through AIMS® and the support of our experienced project teams, ACI makes committee member recruitment, training, invoicing, communication and overall committee management operations as straightforward, efficient and constructive as possible.

Preview what AIMS 4.1 has to offer:


To request more information, contact us at info@aciclinical.com or +1 (484) 429-7200.

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