The ACI Clinical approach to member relationships is a vital part of our service offerings and mission. Our Member Services department is dedicated to the support of our global experts throughout the lifecycle of projects in addition to their interface with project specific and technical teams. We have identified the intrinsic value of our expert members and work to ensure that we provide them with the most expeditious processes, software and support to allow them to perform at maximum capacity while focusing on their committee work.

ACI Clinical vigilantly monitors industry trends to ensure that our network is representative of the therapeutic areas in development. As clinical specialties are constantly evolving, ACI has dedicated recruitment processes in place to ensure that we can accommodate every client project that is brought to our attention.

Our relationship and contact with our expert members is nurtured throughout the lifecycle of not only the project but their tenure of membership in our virtual faculty. Our experts are regularly polled and contacted to ensure that ACI Clinical is providing them with the best service and partnership and to solicit feedback and suggestions for improving our processes, relationships and impact of the global research community.