ACI maintains its own Global Expert Network of more than 750 qualified and vetted expert clinicians and statisticians that have been recruited from esteemed institutions worldwide. These experts from a wide variety of backgrounds, geographic locations, and therapeutic specialties are available to serve as committee members and/or expert advisors in the clinical development process.

Here’s a quick view of where our Global Expert Network comes from.

Network members are vetted by our Clinical MDs for their committee experience, performance, responsiveness, therapeutic expertise, technical aptitude and screened for any conflict of interest. Additionally, member profiles are continually updated and new experts are on-boarded on a regular basis.

Our member feedback reveals an enthusiastic, committed group of experts who want to make a difference in clinical trials and prefer partnering with ACI for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Teams with deep expertise in data and clinical trial conduct
  • Unbiased, objective third party vs working with lack of vested interest in the clinical trial
  • Clear, timely communication before new projects to ensure understanding and agreement on expectations and availability requirements
  • Save sponsors significant time and expense in member recruitment, onboarding and training
  • Easy to use technology and decision support tools
  • 24/7 support
  • Commitment to ensuring member satisfaction