Industry Leading Expert Committees for Clinical Trials

ACI Clinical provides top-tier Endpoint Adjudication and Data Monitoring Committees that deliver reliable and trusted information to support safety decisions around clinical development programs.  As the only company focused entirely on expert committees,  safety monitoring and analytics, we understand every aspect of the process and what is truly needed to achieve the best results.  Our Executives are involved in current regulatory efforts shaping committee practices and we continue to build our global network of more than 750 qualified medical and statistical experts to serve as a source of committee members.  By leveraging these strong academic relationships with our proprietary technology and in-house expertise, ACI excels at designing and managing the entire committee process for safety event detection and assessment to meet any client’s needs.

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Partnering with ACI

High-level safety oversight on critical trials is a critical aspect of development and often underrepresented across the industry. ACI Clinical works with clients to understand their clinical programs and internal structures in order to collaboratively develop and implement the most appropriate mechanisms for safety endpoint detection and evaluation by qualified medical and statistical experts.

As an independent specialty group, ACI sits in a unique vantage point that can help bridge perspectives between sponsor companies, regulator expectations for best practices, and academic expert oversight on the data. We provide the focus, infrastructure, and developed processes necessary to facilitate effective expert review of programs, whether through Data Monitoring Committees, Endpoint Adjudication Committees, or other safety signal / biometrics analytics services aimed at providing comprehensive documented solutions to support decision-making and regulatory submissions.


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