At ACI Clinical, we value our relationship with both our sponsor clients and our committee members, as well as the quality of our services.  Our clients and experts are regularly polled and contacted to ensure that we are providing them with the best service and partnership and to solicit feedback and suggestions for improving our processes, relationships and impact of the global research community. Below are a few examples of feedback we have received.

“The collaboration was excellent. ACI was flexible and proactive and always tried to understand our customers’ needs.”
“Every time I needed help or support regarding my studies, the communication was excellent and every question or issue was solved smoothly!”
“The commitment of ACI team is exemplary, with an overall effort towards exactitude, which undoubtedly has a favorable effect on the commitment of the assessors as well.”
“It has been very easy to work with ACI Clinical, as the personnel has always been readily available, willing to solve problems.”
“I am very impressed by the enormous logistic data handling you manage in ACI. Overall I am very happy with our cooperation. Time limits may be short now and then, but usually we manage the work in the Committee. Panel Meetings work very well.”
“Overall I have found ACI Clinical incredibly easy to work with and the adjudication process simple and straight forward.”
“ACI Clinical is –compared to other CROs that manage CEACs—the best I have worked with. It has been a pleasure to be associated with ACI Clinical.”