Industry Leading Expert Committees for Clinical Trials

ACI Clinical provides top-tier Endpoint Adjudication and Data Monitoring Committees that deliver reliable and trusted information in support of clinical development programs.  As the only company focused entirely on expert committees, we understand every aspect of the process and what is truly needed to achieve the best results.  Our Executives are involved in current regulatory efforts shaping committee practices and we continue to build our global network of more than 500 qualified experts to serve as a source of committee members.  By leveraging these strong academic relationships with our proprietary technology and in-house expertise, ACI excels at designing and managing the entire committee process to meet any client’s needs.

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About ACI

ACI Clinical was founded in 2001 as a specialty service provider to the clinical research industry. For more than a decade, ACI has specialized in independently managing Expert Committees that provide oversight to clinical trials, including full-service Endpoint Adjudication Committees, Data Monitoring Committees, and Safety Assessment Committees.

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